Sonia Reilley


Sonia Reilley became a Licensed Esthetician in 2019 after working as a receptionist at a dermatologist office and at a day spa for 2 years prior to her license. Working as a receptionist introduced her to skincare which in turn led her to pursue her license in order to learn more and be more within the skincare industry. Sonia loves working as an Esthetician because she feels like she can truly impact someone by giving them that time to unwind, decompress, and feel good about doing something for themselves. She is passionate about educating her clients on treatment plans that would be best for their skin needs as well as a proper home care routine. When she’s not helping treat clients at the spa, you will find her at a beach or on a hike with her husband and two dogs.

She continues to hone her aesthetic craft through continuing education and mentorship opportunities.